“healthy” cake

December 25, 2018   Comments (0)

The texture of flourless cakes is my most favorite thing ever. I took this boozy chocolate cake to @saminasodyssey’s Christmas do and I was a greedy child who brought home leftovers.

It’s flourless and sugarless, but not eggless by any means… 8 eggs went in this beaut.

Plus I added in some of the almond pulp from my almond mylk, which worked a charm. I ran out of dark rum so augmented it with fine Tawny Port. And of course, it’s sweetened with dates!

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Egged on

July 5, 2018   Comments (0)

Somehow, last night, I forgot the cardinal rule of eggs and microwaves. Given that I exploded one in the shared kitchen back at King College and then repented at leisure while I cleaned the space and the microwave for hours…you’d think I’d know better. It’s done in tabata style – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Everyone knows that. It’s fairly easy and I haven’t forgotten it in years.
But last night, I was re-heating a previously boiled egg. I stuck it in the microwave for one minute.
And then, I took it out and placed it on one of these suckers to slice: (more…)


Drink up

September 30, 2017   Comments (0)

The prettiest drink (of many) I had this past week. Cinnamon old fashioned at Kaama.


recipe. healthy. breakfast. bulk

March 9, 2016   Comments (0)

Okay, so I’m breaking with tradition and actually posting a recipe here. I miss #bglsr – that was the perfect forum to post this.
ready to go
So here goes. I usually bake a whole tray (that’s 24 cupcake sized) at one go, put them in ziplock bags and store them in the freezer, popping one (or two) out a few minutes before I want to eat them.
They’re small, but packed with good stuff. And they’re sugar-, gluten-, and dairy-free if that sort of thing floats your boat. A vegan variation is in the ingredient list. But, mostly I like them because I can make them ahead of time and not have to think about breakfast.


Jars of good stuff

September 11, 2015   Comments (0)

These beauties are from Rummy’s Kitchen

→ DesiBombayFoodphotos

Happy hours

August 25, 2015   Comments (0)

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November 22, 2013   Comments (0)

A teeny tiny, fully ripe, totally sweet watermelon from my mother’s terrace vine. July 2013.


shaken, not stirred

December 26, 2012   Comments (2)

So, during my birthday week, I ended up doing dinner, having people over, going to a party, going for a wine & cheese pairing event AND i got invited to a masterclass on #espressology – at the launch of @smirnoffindia’s new coffee flavored vodka. This — The OrgaCinn — is what we created with OJ, cream, cinnamon, hazelnut liqueur, simple syrup, and, of course, espresso vodka. It wasn’t half bad.



June 4, 2012   Comments (3)

Under the benign gaze of a very handsome (and lean) Shiv, this monkey saved the Ganga from pollution…she single-handedly (ok, she used both hands) pulled out two mangoes in a plastic bag that a family was chilling in the river. She saved us all from the menace of plastic and ate both mangoes herself (as the family looked on, helpless to rescue the mangoes from her avarice) 🙂



May 21, 2012   Comments (1)

These menus will be the deth of me. Bite all kinds of things 😉 But chocolate is on the top of my list.

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