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But, first a nap.

Oh, and all the rooms are named after places, our room is Damão, the Portuguese name for Daman.
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Sigiriya. Monastery turned fortress/palace turned monastery –1,200 stairs of which I did several twice (don’t ask) and I have to wonder, how athletic were the monks and courtiers who did this multiple times a day? Or did they just lower baskets down for their groceries? Then I end up wondering about how they found footholds to paint these beautiful (very non-celibate) pictures on the sheer rock face.

Clockwise from the right:



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once there was an elephant

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Photos from Hathikucchi, one of the four earliest/main Buddhist sites in the country dating back to the 3rd century BCE. We had the entire site to ourselves as we wandered through the ruins and climbed steep rock-hewn stairs. It was stunningly pretty, totally clean, and so quiet save the call of cicadas, the buzzing of a swarm of bees near one of sites (suspended above us in formation, holding steady, you could almost believe they were motionless), and the hoop-hoop cry of coppersmiths somewhere in the foliage. Oh and monkeys and kingfishers, pheasants, turtles, skinks, puppies, and kitties. The site covers more than 300 acres and obviously we couldn't see all the remains, but of did see inscriptions, fragmented stupas, viharas, and niches in the rock caves. No signage all all, but well worth the visit. #trees #nature #SriLanka #wanderlust #travel #beauty #blog

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dog starred

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