you lie down with dogs

February 28, 2011   Comments (0)

…you wake up with fleas? And what about the dog?
This is one of the things I totally love about Bombay. I’ve never seen it anywhere else. This is a daytime example of someone sharing his bedroll, perhaps unknowingly, with a four-legged friend.
But if you’ve driven past the homeless at night – near VT, Dadar, Worli naka, anywhere – you’ll see man, dog, cat, even a rat, sharing space, food, love.
I <3 it 🙂



February 24, 2011   Comments (3)

No, not another scandal. Though, maybe it should be!
This hideous doll was stuck in the grate of a friend’s gate. Were I still 11, I’d be intent of cracking the whodunit it presents.
Who’d mutilate a doll so grotesquely?
Who’d then leave it on someone else’s gate?
Is it meant to be a message?
Who knows?

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romance is still in the air

February 21, 2011   Comments (0)

Ok, sorry, another old post. I captured this on Carter Road’s Khau Gali.
We were then trying to figure out what the flavors could be.
I came up with “sickly sweet.” (And “passion in a cup”)
Kit, what was the one you came up with? Any other ideas for romantic flavors?


upside down in delhi

February 19, 2011   Comments (3)

Where else but in saadi Dilli? This one is a pretty old – taken from Outer Ring Road, with a friend in the driver’s seat. We spotted this one night heading back after a film, soon after the #CWG and were awestruck. A whole, huge directional sign hung upside down, pointing the wrong way. Yes, that sign is above the other lane.
The next night we were heading back, we tried to capture it – shakily and blurrily and in motion, sorry!
Well, Mumbaikars could counter that at least Delhi has visible road signage! Here, every time I go to the airport, I  see a car (sometimes two!) attempting to back down the flyover, having totally missed the tiny sign on the left and then having spotted the Sahar hotel, thinking “Oh $#!%@”

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would you ask for this by name?

February 16, 2011   Comments (5)

Erm….yeah. Sorry.
I took this photo through the counter top of a small kirane ki dukan. I asked first, of course. 🙂
What I want to know is WHO names these things? And even if they didn’t know what poop means in English and do not associate that no one really wants something with such implications going into anyone’s mouth, let alone a baby’s, still, how would you christen a product something like that? How?
The mind is boggled.


back of the bay

February 14, 2011   Comments (2)

In Ballard Estate, not too far from Elephant Gate and the navy dockyards is a wren of ill-maintained streets with idiosyncratic names that people still use, despite the MNS-ification of the nomenclature. On Goa Road is the tiny Matthieu Foss photo gallery. Finding it took us a half hour of asking and slowly zeroing in after casting quite a wide circle around the area. This charming Irani cafe beckoned from one street corner… Suitably romantic for a V’day post, I think 😉


for your … geometric needs?

February 12, 2011   Comments (2)

This one is near Siddhi Vinayak temple. For your tots. Or not.
I believe that “titbits” is perfectly acceptable in the United States as a term for what we, east of the Atlantic refer to as “tidbits”. But then, I’m no angel. That’s just my 2 cents, I could be factoring too much in, adding 1+1 and getting 11 …


how far will go?

February 8, 2011   Comments (5)

farwillgoSurprisingly, this film didn’t do so well!
In fact, it went pretty far out of sight, pretty quickly 😀
But I love how they confidently splashed the ad on BEST buses and such. Sigh. It may have been a really good film, but I didn’t see it because of the grammar. I’m hoping the people who skipped “Toss” were just spoilt for choice, not begrudging of the advertising (read: grammar nazis) 😉
The other one currently out that nothing on earth would induce me to see is titled “Angel”…newcomer actors, directorial debut, the works – horridly unexpressive advertising.
Social media folks, what can indie/low budget films do to even stand a chance (besides hiring a good copy editor)?

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