hommade undies

August 29, 2010   Comments (1)

hommade undiesThis one’s from closer to home than the last post. Very, very close to home, actually – I found this at the local supermarket. If you’re still figuring it out, let me help you – it’s recycling at its best: cartons of men’s briefs (I can’t tell what brand it is, can you?) stocked with toor dal, moong dal, and ‘hommade’ garlic/ginger paste. Well, that’s not really what I expect to find in a packet of briefs, but hey, it’s all a means to an end …


Grant me…

August 27, 2010   Comments (1)

Giant Buddha…the sense of humor to view all things around me with some equanimity…and to stay in the moment without spiraling out of control. Like when the idiots at the stop light outside my house think that honking will vaporize the idiot in front and miraculously clear a special path for them.
Anyway, this was taken months ago in Hong Kong and while it’s a modern sculpture, there was definitely a sense of serenity around it. I kept, however, wanting to speak into my communicator watch and say “Giant Buddha…into motion!” ­čÖé


Tree beseech thee…

August 18, 2010   Comments (2)

So the BMC has decided it will now prune trees to prevent stray branches from falling. You know what that means, right? They’re just going to start chopping everything down in sight. My neighboring building society head told me that they’d chopped down the tree between us because “mosquitoes are breeding there”. He claims to be a horticulturist. Who never went to school, evidently. Because in his next breath he also told us it didn’t matter because “Only Tulsi” gives out oxygen, other trees are not important. I nearly slit my own wrists. Maybe these little clay gods will protect this peepul from being ‘pruned’ BMC horticulture style …

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