June 11, 2007   Comments (0)

punditz 1punditz 2

I’ve been a Punditz fan for a long, long time. I absolutely heart their music, buy all their singles off iTunes and their albums where I find them, I have a total crush on one of them, and my friends will attest that I am not very quiet about my single-minded admiration. So how could I pass up the chance to see them live? They performed at Elevate, which I had heard lots about and really liked the vibe of, with a percussionist, flautist, and a vocalist who also played guitar. The set rocked despite some technical glitches and a lot of random feedback when the singer (Mayank? Pappon) was on (I can’t find a reference to their guests’ names anywhere). They started the set kinda slow (a hard drop from the deep house before) and then built it up to Ranjhaan (yum) and finally Fever pitch.
Anyway, I had a hard time trying to decide between good photos and flattering photos so here are two 😉 Yes, it’s all relative.

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tire change

June 10, 2007   Comments (0)

tire change
We went out in the sweltering, mind-melting heat to catch a film recently and on the way, 5 minutes from the venue, 6 minutes from the start of the movie, our auto broke down. The driver said “do minute, madamji, sirf do minute,” but we didn’t believe him. Shame on us. He literally took under two minutes to pop out a spare tire from under his driver seat, prop up his scooter with a handy stick (no jack around), undo the bolts, pop out the punctured tire, replace it with a new one and vrrooom, we were off…


mango sake

June 3, 2007   Comments (0)

mango sakebut alas, not the kind of sake I would like it to be… this is Cake Palace’s version of a shake.

Hmm, that makes me think of the Cuban-Chinese cocktails at Peking Tom’s in Boston. A lot of folks didn’t like the idea of a Sake-rita (using sake instead of tequila) but I quite enjoyed it… and the cumquat mojito…

Anyway, someone should tell them that milk sake sounds completely tongue-curdling, but a milkshake is an animal of an entirely different color, no?


hibiscus rain

June 2, 2007   Comments (0)

hibuscus rain
There is a loo blowing in Delhi now. No, I’m not saying there’s a toilet…blowing in the wind. This is the hot wind that blows across the Thar Desert. Temperatures are soaring. Right now, at 9:50pm, it is 43 degrees Celsius (105.8 Fahrenheit). Last week though, everytime the temperature pushed 41, it rained. And during one glorious shower, the flowers blooming in the garden were crying petals. It was so pretty. There was hibiscus, bougainvillea, lillies, and flowering shrubs leaning up into the falling drops.


Blue Moon

June 1, 2007   Comments (0)

So tonight we had what is called a blue moon: Two full moons in one calendar month. But late last month, I went to attend the first birthday celebration for a friend’s son. She is half Sikh and she said she dreamt that her grandfather requested her to celebrate the birthday by giving thanks in a Gurudwara. The ardas was lovely, the langar pretty good, but the moon outside — a tiny sliver — with the light emanating from the curlicued windows was icing 🙂

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