KaiserWilhelm Kirche

March 15, 2013   Comments (0)

In Berlin, it’s more commonly knowns as the Gedächtniskirche, the Memorial Church. This is the chapel in the modern belfry and it’s one of my favorite spaces in the world.



March 13, 2013   Comments (1)

this made me giggle, especially since I’ve been so closely involved with the Mughals at work. Taken at the Good Earth’s cafe, The Tasting Room, in Mumbai


still life

March 11, 2013   Comments (2)

Does this look like a painting or what? It’s actually a photo of an artist painting in Seville’s Parc de María Luisa one hot summer day last year.


monkey judge

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judge Some say the law is an ass. But the men who designed the Bombay High Court clearly thought lawyers are monkeys. This is one of the famous quirks in the Gothic building that I love. If you’re ever there, look for foxes with collars and other such creature caricatures.

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