March 30, 2011   Comments (4)

ombletPost 2 of 3 from Salt’n’Pepper cafe in Fort Kochi. The food was better than the spelling.
Porched eggs are my favorite, waise. And they have so many plane options … 😀


what’s a fish plant?

March 28, 2011   Comments (4)

sislersSo we all know that Malyalees get a raw deal when it comes to their agzent. I mean accent 😉 So at the risk of perpetuating that, I have to share these. this is the first of 3 from Fort Kochi. I don’t think you need more from me, I’ll exit gracefully and leave you to study the menu…

(p.s. yes, Chopsy is a European Special)

(how do you like your sisler? well done? raw?)



March 27, 2011   Comments (4)

How gorgeous is my city?
That’s a rhetorical question since the answer is staring you right in the face.
Taken from a cab while crossing the little bay of Haji Ali’s Dargah on a cool January evening. We were crawling and I got a few different shots of the ever changing, swirling clouds as they moved from candy floss to orange cream hues…

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