Vykort från Stockholm #1

August 28, 2016   Comments (0)

Stockholm presented a face that was picture postcard perfect. The weather was warmer than my app had predicted, the sun was out, the sky was cloudless and the waters bluer than I’ve seen anywhere in a long time. Everything was welcoming, everything seemed to whisper, “Stay, stay, this is where you belong.” I didn’t fall for it (see what I did there?) Good weather is always followed by ridiculous cold. (And it was.) Anyway, I got in at about 1:30 on Saturday afternoon — sans luggage, that’s a different story — with the rest of my afternoon free and a rumbling tummy, so I hoofed it up the street, maneouvering sort of by instinct, kinda by map, away from Vasagatan (more…)


recipe. healthy. breakfast. bulk

March 9, 2016   Comments (0)

Okay, so I’m breaking with tradition and actually posting a recipe here. I miss #bglsr – that was the perfect forum to post this.
ready to go
So here goes. I usually bake a whole tray (that’s 24 cupcake sized) at one go, put them in ziplock bags and store them in the freezer, popping one (or two) out a few minutes before I want to eat them.
They’re small, but packed with good stuff. And they’re sugar-, gluten-, and dairy-free if that sort of thing floats your boat. A vegan variation is in the ingredient list. But, mostly I like them because I can make them ahead of time and not have to think about breakfast.



February 21, 2016   Comments (0)

But, first a nap.

Oh, and all the rooms are named after places, our room is Damão, the Portuguese name for Daman.
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February 11, 2016   Comments (0)

Sigiriya. Monastery turned fortress/palace turned monastery –1,200 stairs of which I did several twice (don’t ask) and I have to wonder, how athletic were the monks and courtiers who did this multiple times a day? Or did they just lower baskets down for their groceries? Then I end up wondering about how they found footholds to paint these beautiful (very non-celibate) pictures on the sheer rock face.

Clockwise from the right:


Keep calm and tarot on…

November 30, 2015   Comments (0)

I've never done tarot in my life. Although I was curious about it when I read about (and watched) Childermas's deck in Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, I've never been drawn to it. Today, someone presented me cards from a Goddess Deck – and so, I decided to go with the flow. The person proffering them suggested formulating a question before reaching for one. I sifted through many options and finally settled on "What am I doing with on life? Am I on the right track?" I zoned in on a card, drew it out, and sat back on my haunches. What you see in the picture is what I picked. It's the card of Oonagh, an ancient Irish Queen of the Fairies, who is also a potent Goddess of magic. And the text just made me laugh. It wasn't the answer I was looking for — and maybe it would have fit any question anyone in the group had asked — but it worked for me. Keep calm, let life happen. I need to remember that more. #blog #tarot #destiny #cards #keepcalm #goddess #runes #magic #answers #questions #fortune #fortuneteller

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The guide to modern love on social media

November 2, 2015   Comments (0)

The Guide to Modern Love on Social Media

Click on the image to open a large size.

So, on Sunday, twitter gleefully watched the twitter profiles of two users kindle and go up in flames. The “girlfriend” (@makkarroma) claimed she’d been led on and beguiled by a “fraudster” (@Bloodshot_ink) who was using his alleged wife’s alleged death to prey on not only her, but also other women on twitter. In evidence: whatsapp screenshots, a dickpic, sweet words. A relationship that went from 0 to his name tattood somewhere on her body in two weeks!

Monica Jasuja, long time twitter friend, and I ended up talking about how these things have happened to us (in lesser degree), as well. Stuff online takes on a life of its own.

For instance, a few years ago, someone very charming started tweeting and then DM’ing me. I did note that he had some major holes in his backstory–father French, mother American, worked at Porsche but no record of any VP of that name, very vague about details including siblings and school. Then when it came time to move off twitter, he wouldn’t share a number or location, wouldn’t call or whatsapp but stuck to DM and Kik (both of which are fairly anonymous) and then insisted he wanted pictures of me in déshabillé. Begged, pleaded, guilted, got angry. When I kept refusing, he backed off.

Soon his twitter handle disappeared but the same DP showed up on a new profile that tried to engage with me. Snooping on his TL showed similar exchanges with other women.
On to the next target, I guess.

Oh, and the best part: sometime later, I found his DP on a stock photography model. Such a pleasant face. Too bad it wasn’t his.

Yes, it takes time to separate the chaff from the grain, but getting a tattoo of someone’s name without ever meeting him? And sexting with no end, no meeting, just a trip to Goa when you both live in the same city? Red flags should have been galloping past her vision. But, I’m not blaming her. These things happen. Kudos to her for exposing him.

Ladies, Gentlemen, please be more careful – with yourselves! You deserve good things.
We hope the guide will help. Share widely.

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Velo Blues in Davis

October 16, 2015   Comments (0)

How cool IS this? The mbta has taken out the open bike racks at Davis Square and put in this cage. Pedal and Park. Entry and exit is carded. The bikes are *safe* ( God knows I single-handedly kept the bicycle bell industry going, it was stolen so many times. Plus rear tyre, seat, even handlebars once!) – man! I would totally sign up for this. I walked down the bike path today and it was so peaceful. I love that biking is not only sanctioned as an option, it's given thought and preference by the planning authorities. There are bike lanes and yield signs. There are bike rental hubs, you can sent them short term and return them. I really, really miss having the space and freedom to zip around the city, nimbly maneuvering traffic, confident that people will follow the traffic rules and not dart across when it's not their signal. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. When will India ever catch up? Not in my lifetime, I'm afraid. #boston #BostonDiaries, #travel #bicycles #publictransport #musing #thirdworldproblems #blog

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Everybody’s got baggage!

September 16, 2015   Comments (0)

Everybody's got baggage! #travel #cats #blog

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I usually try to do two international trips every year, one in Asia, one elsewhere, but this year has been remarkably poor – both moneywise and healthwise, so I’d only done short trips within India (Assam, Goa, Delhi, Jaipur) until August, when I went to Portugal. And of course, I’d timed my Schengen visa application really tight. I had wanted to wait until some funds hit my bank account and realized quite late that VFS can take up to 15 working days to process it since it’s forwarded to Goa! Grrr.

So I ended up totally scrambling and getting to the visa centre a bit earlier than I’d planned.
The good thing was I have most of my documents scanned and digitized and I had already bought travel insurance that covered me through September of this year. (I buy it online and you can find several options with companies like ICICI Lombard). (more…)


Jars of good stuff

September 11, 2015   Comments (0)

These beauties are from Rummy’s Kitchen

→ DesiBombayFoodphotos

Seagulls and a photobomb

August 31, 2015   Comments (0)

https://www.instagram.com/p/7pHrxungKK/?taken-by=chhavi_sachdev #travel #portugal #fall2015

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