The guide to modern love on social media

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The Guide to Modern Love on Social Media

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So, on Sunday, twitter gleefully watched the twitter profiles of two users kindle and go up in flames. The “girlfriend” (@makkarroma) claimed she’d been led on and beguiled by a “fraudster” (@Bloodshot_ink) who was using his alleged wife’s alleged death to prey on not only her, but also other women on twitter. In evidence: whatsapp screenshots, a dickpic, sweet words. A relationship that went from 0 to his name tattood somewhere on her body in two weeks!

Monica Jasuja, long time twitter friend, and I ended up talking about how these things have happened to us (in lesser degree), as well. Stuff online takes on a life of its own.

For instance, a few years ago, someone very charming started tweeting and then DM’ing me. I did note that he had some major holes in his backstory–father French, mother American, worked at Porsche but no record of any VP of that name, very vague about details including siblings and school. Then when it came time to move off twitter, he wouldn’t share a number or location, wouldn’t call or whatsapp but stuck to DM and Kik (both of which are fairly anonymous) and then insisted he wanted pictures of me in déshabillé. Begged, pleaded, guilted, got angry. When I kept refusing, he backed off.

Soon his twitter handle disappeared but the same DP showed up on a new profile that tried to engage with me. Snooping on his TL showed similar exchanges with other women.
On to the next target, I guess.

Oh, and the best part: sometime later, I found his DP on a stock photography model. Such a pleasant face. Too bad it wasn’t his.

Yes, it takes time to separate the chaff from the grain, but getting a tattoo of someone’s name without ever meeting him? And sexting with no end, no meeting, just a trip to Goa when you both live in the same city? Red flags should have been galloping past her vision. But, I’m not blaming her. These things happen. Kudos to her for exposing him.

Ladies, Gentlemen, please be more careful – with yourselves! You deserve good things.
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