August 2, 2013   Comments (1)

I loved all the lamps in the Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque), Istanbul. And I loved the tiles and the inscriptions, as well as the hushed atmosphere. One day I’ll go back. (Photo from 2012. I’m a lazy arse.)


KaiserWilhelm Kirche

March 15, 2013   Comments (0)

In Berlin, it’s more commonly knowns as the Gedächtniskirche, the Memorial Church. This is the chapel in the modern belfry and it’s one of my favorite spaces in the world.


still life

March 11, 2013   Comments (2)

Does this look like a painting or what? It’s actually a photo of an artist painting in Seville’s Parc de María Luisa one hot summer day last year.



January 25, 2013   Comments (3)

How very literal 🙂 Spaniards-Bharatiya bhai bhai 😀 (the Al Hambra, Granada)


proud to vote!

February 16, 2012   Comments (4)

beence That’s me. I’m proud to have voted. I’m pleased to be able to exercise my rights and do my civic duty. This time was MUCH easier than the last time in 2009. I’m still the wrong age, have the wrong name, and am listed in the wrong gender, but they overlooked all that. I only drew attention to the spelling and the ‘purush’ part but both the list booth and the polling agent brushed it off as a typo. And after 3 minutes of being in line, I had verified my identity, pushed my selection, and I was out. I didn’t even get to crack open Kiran Manral’s The Reluctant Detective that I’d thought to bring along with me based on the long wait last time! 🙂

P.S. I’m very disillusioned by my friends who haven’t voted. What do you do with your friends whose ideologies and basic values don’t match yours? Demotion? Deletion?

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