train ink

June 1, 2012

beence Can we blame Mamta? For our not so CILEAN trains that are rubbish when they’re running or when they’re stoppeR. This was the legend on EVERY loo door up and down our train, I kid you not.


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  1. avishek says:

    Not just Mamta, every single railways minister should be blamed for this, actually why just the ministers, aren’t we travelers to be blamed aswell for not using it properly, will they not flush if it was their home??

    I think it should read like “please keep your coach and station clear by not using it ATALL”…


  2. Wow, this is a great post that captures the utter ineptitude of all government agencies, including the Railways. The small things never seem to matter in India. I find this to be extremely frustrating and cannot beat my head against the train or the wall anymore and choose to simply disengage from my motherland altogether except for being a tourist.

    BTW, is the Indian postal service still functioning? I’m wondering b/c I’ve received no acknowledgment from you to a missive mailed some weeks ago.

    • chhavi says:

      I can understand your frustration. I guess my photos are the way I keep my sanity and perspective, and try to laugh about it. Also, the postal system is functioning, surprisingly 🙂 Got your card! It was in my mailbox when I got back (only I forgot to check it for two days!) 😀

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