you gotta have faith…

October 17, 2007   Comments (0)

divine clinic

Sometimes a little intervention helps, I guess.
Especially when you’re getting certain fluids tested…?


mango sake

June 3, 2007   Comments (0)

mango sakebut alas, not the kind of sake I would like it to be… this is Cake Palace’s version of a shake.

Hmm, that makes me think of the Cuban-Chinese cocktails at Peking Tom’s in Boston. A lot of folks didn’t like the idea of a Sake-rita (using sake instead of tequila) but I quite enjoyed it… and the cumquat mojito…

Anyway, someone should tell them that milk sake sounds completely tongue-curdling, but a milkshake is an animal of an entirely different color, no?



May 5, 2007   Comments (0)

A comforting sign in the elevator at the Kumars’ (no, not the Kumars at Number 42.)


flying the music

April 21, 2007   Comments (0)

music sea electric guitarThursday a.m., amidst the papers, leaves, dust, and plastic bags in the garbage-collector’s tricycle was this bright yellow box for an “Electric Guitar”. As I got closer, I nearly choked.
The tag line in red reads: Experience the sweetness feel to flying the music sea. (click on the photo to zoom in)

I can’t contain my giggles every time I look at it. ­čść

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