Mickey D’s in India

April 30, 2007   Comments (0)

McDonalds in IndiaLast afternoon I was chatting with V, and somehow it came up that McDonalds in India (as in most countries) has customized its menu for the Indian palate. What he didn’t know though was that India is the only country in which McDonalds home delivers. I was astounded myself when I first found out, but I now know at least two people (S&T, yes, this is you) who are quite happy to use this service! Anyway, I got off the phone and headed out to return a library book and then catch up with a friend and see a film. Voila, a few houses away was the McDonalds delivery dude, waiting patiently for his payment to arrive from inside. I asked him if I could take a photo and he assented 🙂 Charming, no?

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