vedic robotics?

December 16, 2007   Comments (0)

Uhh, this board is at the ISKCON temple (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) inviting people to the ‘Vedic Expo’ at the Glory of India Vedic Cultural Centre.
It’s the “World’s number 1 Spritual Adventure”, and a “hi-tech
production” featuring “1. Bharat Dharma, 2 Bhagwad Gita and 3. Robotics”. Uh, when I worked for Science & Theology News, we’d have jumped all over this. However, at this point, I confess to be slightly alarmed at the juxtapositioning of Krishna’s ‘universal appeal’ with 9 robots. I’d rather go to Essel World and get my thrills there!


‘o’mygod – and I quote ;)

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This was taken in Sarojini Nagar market — the capital for surplus and export-rejects shopping. Here you can keep up with the Joneses (literally) by shopping for U.S. department store brands in the open — and you can bargain down, too!

If you’re lucky, you could find three samples of the very same grey wool sweater with each one bearing a different label: Gap, Express, or Abercrombie & Fitch. As I did — I got the A&F one 😉 For the equivalent of $3.80.

But if you’re really, truly lucky, you’d definitely want to thank your maker for such a fantastic price as on these ‘stolls’ and ‘skarps’, non?


aah, chaat

December 9, 2007   Comments (1)

shakarkandhi chaat wala with innovative decorationsNo one at home likes this stuff, but I am turning into a shakarkandhi chaat fiend. I could live on this stuff. Well, all winter long, when it’s available, anyway…
It’s basically a sweet potato that’s been slow cooked over a coal fire and then peeled, diced, and shaken in a few spicy masalas and lemon juice. So yum! And hey, it’s cheap, easily available, low in calories and has a low glycemic index. Who could ask for a better snack? 😉

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alstoniaTowards the end of October and then through December, there’s a totally heady scent that cuts through the gritty grime, the fumes, and the general smell of something burning, here on the streets of Delhi. There’s a huge tree right outside my house, in fact. And though it’s done blooming, there are plenty in the neighborhood under which I pause just to inhale the scent. Late one night, a friend and I were going to coffee in Defence Colony. We parked under one of these near the gumbad, and asked one of the parking attendants the name of the tree. He did tell us what it was called but the next day neither of us could recall what he’d said.
But, then I asked my handy dandy walking-talking Encyclopedia-Botanica (my mother) and I hadn’t even gotten to describing the sheflara-like leaves when she pronounced I was drunk on Alstonia Scholaris. She said it’s the only thing she misses about Delhi.

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November 29, 2007   Comments (1)

train thermosLast month, Ma and I traveled by train to Amritsar — my first train ride since last January, when V and I went to Agra (and I left a trail of vomit all over the city and station.) I did get a headache on the way back, but was still charmed by the fact that while the colors have changed, we still get served tea in thermoses on the Shatabdi. And a ‘tea kit’ with sugar, dairy creamer, a tiny stirrer and lots of sugar.

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Taken at my office, this madhumalti bush in bloom made me smile for weeks 🙂


‘dry’ cleaning

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Next to each other, in Masjid Moth, two dry cleaners with names that compete for attention and your sense of humor. I go with the more prosaically named “the Cleaners” — not for their name, but because they have not only free home delivery, but also free pick-up. Yeah, baby, I’m living la vida local 😉 Go desi! It’s the best way!


Save pomengrade juice!

November 6, 2007   Comments (0)

Save your breath. You don’t have to say the whole word anymore — just go with pomengrade 😉 It tastes so good with ‘save” puri :wink;

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why stop at 1…

October 30, 2007   Comments (0)

…when you can have five little samples?


my new favoritest place ever

October 29, 2007   Comments (1)

Costa mmmmOk, so this is going to be a shameless shill. Hold on to your coffee. And your mouse. After 7 months of battling the baristas in Barista and Cafe Coffee Day for soy milk and/or decaf coffee, I feel like I’ve finally found Nirvana. No, silly, I mean like heaven!

First, some stories:
I’m in Bangalore. They have a vegan shake on the menu, ergo, –> they have soy milk on the premises. I ask them to make me a mocha with soy milk. No can do. It’s impossible.
In Bombay, I ask for a half decaf-half calf coffee. The man looks at me like I’m speaking Swahili. He can’t do that. I tell him to freaking brew me a cup of caffeinated coffee and a cup of decaf. Charge me for two. Throw out half of each. Pour remainders in a cup. Barista remains unconvinced.
lactose intolerance
Back in Delhi, I ask for a decaf frappé. It’s not on the menu. The frappé is on the menu, decaf coffee is on the menu but they cannot combine the two.Good thing I didn’t ask for something “exotic”, like a decaf, double espresso soy milk cappuccino …he’d have swooned!

Enter UK chain Costa Coffee. Manna from heaven at this juncture. They substitute soy milk in ANY beverage. And decaf coffee too. And you don’t even have to beg. I’ve even ordered and (this is key) received a half decaf-half caf soy milk mocha. With a smile! 😀 This time, I nearly swooned. Costa Coffee, welcome to India. I heart you!

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