Feet of gold

October 17, 2016

#throwback – Wat Intharawihan in Bangkok. Google has helpfully reminded me I was here two years ago today ­čÖé My camera wasn’t up to the task of getting all 32 gilded metres in one photograph so I focused on the feet, with offerings of flowers placed on them.

The temple used to be called the Vegetable Temple or temple of the vegetable (Wat Rai Phrik) because it was situated in a fresh market, we learned. In the 60 years it took to build (1860s to 1927) the market may have thrived but we saw only tea stalls and coconut water vendors. Interestingly, Buddha’s topknot holds a Buddha relic gifted by Sri Lanka, which I visited only this year. There seem to be a lot of relics is all I can say.

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