February 13, 2012

churan Mmmm. 😀 all kinds of ‘digestives’ on display at the Prabhadevi Fair. I’m reminded how someone I know used to use the hing goli, which really is a farty, tarty affair as penalty points during gaming. They would make their colleagues eat one if he accidentally killed someone on his own team.
Anyway, besides the usual suspects of mango, anardana (pomegranate), jeera, hing, ginger, awla, saunf, there’s also local flavor with kokum goli. Yummy!

P.s. I still do miss cinnamon hearts… that blossom in grocery stores across America at this time of year ;D


3 Responses to “Churan”

  1. Vincent says:

    ah, I missed the taste of these “candies”!! Just seeing them makes me happy 🙂

  2. Smriti D. Isaac (@sdisaac) says:

    Ah, for the joys of such a wide selection. Reminded me also of a post that I’d penned in 2008 after a trip to India. I reposted it last summer, and offer it here for your tasty pleasure:

  3. Nikhil Sinha says:

    Hi Chavi, will be using your Churan photo for a presentation of mine. Hope you dont mind it.


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