the zing thing

May 25, 2011

beenceno, not the band, but the drink! While it’s not available anywhere except in our childhood memories, here’s a restaurant in Matunga that hasn’t updated its board in years. Perhaps this should have been a tip off about the quality. There wasn’t much attention to details. We had really unhappy utthapams. But a Gold Spot would really have hit the sweet spot … Sigh. I remember drinking it more because there were Jungle Book characters under the bottle cap but every memory of it is pleasant. As they said, “The taste goes to your smile.”


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  1. Rahul says:

    The toughest characters to score (from the the ones on the rubber stoppers under the bottle caps) were a Frog and King Louie. After consuming more than my fair share of Gold Spots, when i finally did score them all, I remember I won an invite to a Jungle Book party at the Taj President poolside where we were showered with more Jungle Book memorabilia. I still might find it lying around somewhere if I look hard enough ­čÖé
    Good times…

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