how far will go?

February 8, 2011   Comments (5)

farwillgoSurprisingly, this film didn’t do so well!
In fact, it went pretty far out of sight, pretty quickly 😀
But I love how they confidently splashed the ad on BEST buses and such. Sigh. It may have been a really good film, but I didn’t see it because of the grammar. I’m hoping the people who skipped “Toss” were just spoilt for choice, not begrudging of the advertising (read: grammar nazis) 😉
The other one currently out that nothing on earth would induce me to see is titled “Angel”…newcomer actors, directorial debut, the works – horridly unexpressive advertising.
Social media folks, what can indie/low budget films do to even stand a chance (besides hiring a good copy editor)?

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