Flutterby landing

October 2, 2009

Behind Ta Prom in Angkor Thom, as my fellow travelers meditated on the incredible roots of the trees that have taken over the ancient temple, this fellow came along and perched on me.
I waited for a long time for him to get moving so I could capture how dazzling his iridescent his tiny blue/black wings were – but he flew too fast and in quick bursts which made all the motion pictures totally blurry.
He flew off and came back to perch on my finger three times in total – and I have no idea what made my finger so attractive. But there he was. And I wasn’t complaining about being so favored! 🙂


4 Responses to “Flutterby landing”

  1. Gopal Sea says:

    From your writings what i gather is that you are blessed. From your experiences what i gather is that you are blessed. Ask the butterfly n you will gather that you both are blessed. To a blessed being. From an ordinary human being who appreciates. What else can I do. What else can we do. 🙂

  2. nitin says:

    Butterflies get attracted to the salt in the sweat.

  3. chhavi says:

    @nitin thanks! 🙂

  4. Relax Please says:

    ‘He’ (the flutterby) kept coming to you coz it came to know you are a ‘she’… these were ‘his’ failed courtship movements… haha

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