the tail end of the mangoes

August 5, 2008

haapusSigh. I don’t even feel like writing anything. There’s nothing to say. The mango season is ending. These shops are gone! Now, instead of heaps of orange, even red beauties twinkling in store fronts, you’re lucky to see a single basket heaped with green langdas at the fruit vendor’s.
The store fronts are super smart though: they’re let to the vendors seasonally. This one is a paper mart for the rest of the year, I guess.
This was the second year that South Asian alphonsos were available in the U.S. I anticipated hearing more vocal rejoicing, given how gross that fibrous tasteless mess that passes for a mango in the US is. 😉  Lucky me to be home in desh!


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  1. chetthaker says:

    In the UK we’ve been lucky enough to get alphonso mangos for many years so it’s a favourite here. The ones from Junagadh seem to be the most popular and it’s a bloody free for all when the deliveries arrive in the shops with old ladies battling like a WWF wrestler to get the best ones. It’s a sight worth seeing 😀

  2. Pallavi says:

    its lunch time and your post made me think of mango souffles.. yum yum yum.. for no reason whatsoever.. hahaha

  3. Gopal Sea says:

    Sometimes even the hapus tastes like good papaya. there used to be so many varieties in my granpa’s home. I’ll mention two of my fav’s… It’s a mango called priyoor in kerala which doesn’t taste like other unripe mangoes. this one is sweet even when unripe. next is one called mooandan.. this one is falls from the tree with each passing wind when ripe and you just have to collect ur bunch and start sucking on the juice. i know i sound gibberish but that’s the only two we have on our land now. The varied mango orchard gave way to a rubber plantation

  4. Vincent says:

    Yep, we have good mangoes in the UK!
    Good job, Chhavi! keep lobbying for sending us the good quality! 😉

  5. chhavi says:

    @Gopal Sea, ahhhhhhhh, sounds like bliss. Too, too bad that ruber superseded the mangoes!! 🙁

    @Vincent The Pakistani Alphonsoes are *almost* as good, too!

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