June 24, 2008

frequent visitor to my padSince I got tagged by aditya, I’m doing a random post that doesn’t quite fit ☺
To be true to my own blog, the photo is of a place I have lived in. This cool dude used to show up and hang out in my balcony last year in Delhi 🙂

4 Jobs I’ve Had (in chronological order): Girl Friday at King College, News producer at boston.com, producer at an Indian radio station, & freelance radio content producer at my company News Radio India Sonologue.
4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over: Dr. Strangelove (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb), Noises Off, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, & How to Steal a Million
4 Places I’ve Lived (in order):
Bombay, Delhi, Bristol, & Boston
4 TV Shows I Like: uhhh… Absolutely Fabulous, Little Britain, and I’m lame, I can’t even think of 2 more I’d watch … Black Adder maybe. Hmm, I’m seeing a theme. Let’s throw in Monty Python and we’re all British, all the way 😀
4 Favorite Foods: sweet potato maki, malabari fish curry, chocolate cheesecake, mangoes
4 Places I’d Rather Be: only 4? Angkor Wat, Alleppey, Boston, Majorca …
4 People I’m Tagging: s4ur4bh, swash, shilpa, & dhruv.

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6 Responses to “tagged”

  1. Dr. Strangelove and Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron are two of my favorites too; and I love chocolate cheesecake and mangoes.

  2. aditya says:

    and the tag moves forward…

  3. ropad says:

    I just had sweet potato maki! Sooo yummy! Wish you were here to partake in the indulgence!

  4. Stud says:

    I love lamp

  5. chhavi says:

    @Gaurav we should hang out. When you can eat out, we will … 😉
    @aditya, never, ever do this to me, again ;D
    @ropad SHAME ON YOU!!!
    @stud, uh, what?

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