February 1, 2012   Comments (0)

beence So, in Mumbai, the German consulate general is around the corner from Israel’s. And outside the Israeli consulate is a lot of security. Or the semblance of it. On a recent walk down NCPA marg, we caught sight of these camouflage jackets adorning a barricade. I think the security personnel were around somewhere (maybe in the bushes? watching me take a photo?) … just not in sight. I got eyeballed by a very sturdy looking man in civilian clothes though, so I beat a quick retreat ­čÖé


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November 30, 2008   Comments (13)

So, tonight, after 3 days of being mostly home (except for a couple of man-on-the-street interviews for Radio Netherlands’ “Newsline” program), we ventured into town to go look at the Taj and light a candle. And the vigil had been moved to Marine Drive for security reasons, but people had obviously been there and continued to come there with candles and hand written cards, as well as flowers, ironically propped up against the ghastly police barricades. We couldn’t get much closer to the Taj Palace, but the strange thing is how peaceful it all seemed. Serene, even.

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