May 9, 2011

sale and buyThis one’s from Fort, Mumbai. (The area formerly known as the Kala Killa, I believe). The same fort had four gates and Churchgate is a hangover from that. Today, Fort is teeming with small shops selling electronics, dildos (yes!), “watche’s” (which must be the code name for the Isprit, ESPRET, SPRIT, Ralex and other fine variations I see there) and more for buy and sale 😉


6 Responses to “a’pos’tro’phe”

  1. ektz says:

    this one is such a catastrophe 😛

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  3. […] a’pos’tro’phe […]

  4. Relax Please says:

    Well Delhi too has many such ‘bloopers’…. I got one in Assam, outside a bakery, which said “we are the biggest loafers in town”.. not to say the owner’s son studied in Mayo Ajmer… lolzzz

  5. Charishma says:

    Omegaad! When wills these’ peoples’ learn!

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