July 5, 2010

This nearly rivals the one shop banner I saw in Saki Naka that had Sale, Rital and Holsail on it and baffled me for a good 2 minutes after I’d passed it, by which time it was too traffic-y and too late to turn the auto rickshaw around for a photo. This gem is in Byculla, a little way from J.J. Flyover. I’ve pointed and shot at it many times but it always came out blurred. My favourite driver slowed down for me to get a legible shot 🙂


4 Responses to “ratel?”

  1. Smriti D. Isaac says:

    I hope you let your driver keep the change for the great courtesy he afforded you in allowing you to capture this priceless piece! 😉

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  3. Nice interesting observations.

    The best one i saw was Kauphy. In a roadside stall in Nasik Coffee was spelt with not a single letter of the original word.

  4. Gopal Sea says:

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