eww. or, rather, ewe?

June 19, 2010

This actually says “The myth of youth guardian angel” and then the rest of the text says “enhance body energy; revitalizing to the skin” – 60 capsules made from the placenta of sheep.

Err. Right, then. The damn thing says “myth” and people still buy it? The elixir of youth based on not even a half-claim. If I remember right, these cost something like USD 100! Holy cow! Or sheep. Or something.


2 Responses to “eww. or, rather, ewe?”

  1. Smriti D. Isaac says:

    I see Chinese lettering (not surprised!), but where did you find it? “Myth” is obviously not quite so effective a word… certainly not for Chinese-speaking people, but perhaps not so much for English-speaking people as well! On another note, nice new blog renovations! Keep ’em comin’– the posts, that is.

  2. Ajay Tawde says:

    Placenta of sheep ­čś«
    yuck..why why why??
    do people actually apply something which has sheep placenta on their faces and bodies..
    damn Im completely disconnected from the outside world ­čśŤ

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