fodder for Nirvana

September 22, 2008

nirvana for feedI live right by one of the largest temples in Mumbai. But I can imagine that it’s not exactly convenient on a work day to get in a queue and await your turn for a tryst with the deity. So why not get your blessing and your karma equation balanced on the go? Well, now you can! The concept is simple: you pay for some hay to the man who owns both the cow and the feed -> you accrue good karma in your spiritual kitty! The enterprising owner of this particular mobile salavation army has parked his sacred cow outside a busy bank next to a major bus stop! (Extra bonus: since the cow is not a stray, you don’t have to worry about the Rs. 500 fine that the municipality has decided to slap on anyone feeding animals *rolls eyes*). The cow is doing great, btw, even in the rain. And I think I’m going to have to interview the cow-man soon…


9 Responses to “fodder for Nirvana”

  1. Manasa says:

    Sounds interesting…

  2. T.O. says:

    There is another one such character… just before Shivaji Park, when you aproach from Bandra. Quite amusing, I agree. I think someone used the term “positive karma points” recently.

  3. Ro says:

    i wonder how much “moo”lah the cow-man makes in a day? lol 🙂
    Is he milking in a profit I wonder? ok lame!

  4. T.O. says:

    Why do you cross reference Wiki so much? I mean, I am a huge Wiki fan myself ( and I thought the reference to “murder” was apt) but don’t you think it is a little condescending towards your audience to apply it generally?

  5. chhavi says:

    @Ro rlol. 🙂
    @T.O. apologies. in this case – the wiki link goes to an ironic definition (not the literal meaning). but i do see your point. (hmm…perhaps I should have linked to the princeton dictionary instead.) and why do i cross reference the wikipedia so much? cos I’m laaayzeee and it’s often high up in the list of search results 😉

  6. T.O. says:

    Hey this is your blog- you get to play God here. Do as you please. And as I said earlier I am all for Wiki, till of course Knol comes along 🙂

  7. This is instant karma.


  8. Pallavi says:

    LOL. At least someone is having a good day.. 🙂

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