the sea (link)

May 25, 2008

sealink at nightI’ve lived in many cities now and one reason Delhi didn’t work for me was that it’s too landlocked. Boston, Bombay, New York…give me water! When I feel restless, here in Mumbai, I can’t jump on a bike and go off for a ride (there are no sidewalks to even walk or run on) so these days I slip off towards the sea. And then I can see the sweep of the bay – punctuated by fairy lights and the vast futility of man wrestling with nature. Or something like that 😉

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5 Responses to “the sea (link)”

  1. smriti isaac says:

    me like!

  2. Roshan says:

    with you on this…

  3. aditya says:

    uve got the first skywalk in bombay… connects dharavi to bandra west its pretty long

  4. You CAN ride a bike in Bombay… just stick to early morning, or early night 😛

  5. chhavi says:

    @Werner – uhhh, and be 4 hours early or 8 hours late for whatever I’m going for? 😀 recreationally, I guess, your suggestion stands 😉

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