ganna ras

April 17, 2008

ganna boysJuicing is hard work. Last month, I went to Janakpuri for a work visit and exiting the I just loved these two little boys who were selling sugarcane juice  (replacing the shakharkandhi chaat of the winter) from this rotary machine which took all their strength. There were plenty of takers on that hot day — one of the first sweaty ones in Delhi’s so-called spring…
Their ice blocks are covered with jute sacks and the sugarcane stems
are then passed between the two grinding wheels. The result — a flattened stick of fibre, and sweet, sweet, sticky liquid sugar 😉

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3 Responses to “ganna ras”

  1. _ram-jaane' says:


    Just one more reason upon the mountain of reasons why .. saare jahaan se achha, Hindustan humaara 🙂

  2. ravneesh says:

    it’s the drive to succeed… 🙂 not to just survive. thats what seperates the men from the boys, and answering ur question – age does not matter.

  3. […] us. This was taken one cool evening near Bombay University as we traipsed around Kala Ghoda, drank ganna juice, gazed at Flora (you know Flora … of Flora Fountain fame :wink:), marvelled at how green and […]

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