what a great order! Cinemax, Mumbai

January 31, 2008

complimentary“What a nice smile you have. Wow! And you’ve definitely lost weight. You are looking so fabulous! My god, these jeans make you look HOT! And curvy in all the right places. You look perfectly marvelous in this color, too. You simply must wear it all the time. It brings out your eyes so well. We really don’t see you often enough, you know. It’s lovely to have you here, you make the place light up. Really…” 😉


3 Responses to “what a great order! Cinemax, Mumbai”

  1. anugrah says:

    Are all N.E.U.’ers sticklers for pronunciation and spelling?

  2. chhavi says:

    no 🙂 that’s a ME thing 😉

  3. Gopal Sea says:

    The pressure on your comment widget is great and I am sorry for being so conspicuous by this presence on that widget. Anyways, by this time you would have definitely guessed that I am going reverse-chronologically down your memory lane.

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