January 30, 2008

cornsTiny kiosks selling “American Corns” have become both cottage industry and franchise opp nearly everywhere in metropolitan India. I see them in every market and every mall and movie theatre.
The other day, near a stall that sell the steamed “corns” (in masala – yum, Chinese – too salty, Italian – too much oregano, and American – absolutely bland flavors) I found the discarded packaging of the frozen kernels.
It gives me the absolute heebie-jeebies every time I see it written down as corns (plural).
I always, always get a mental visual that grosses me out. In fact, a simple google search will show you exactly what I mean.
Ick, ick, ick, ick.


7 Responses to “eeee”

  1. aditya says:

    i hate corn and all things associted with it.

    even cornS

  2. Riley Carter says:

    my family is really interested in Coffee Franchise like Starbucks. we are still saving money for the franchise cost..`’

  3. I love the smell and taste of Oregano when added in some recipes.’:.

  4. Blake Rogers says:

    my mom has a coffe franchise near seattle and she earns a lot from it:’-

  5. Oregano is a gread addition to everyday meals, i put them on soups and salads.”‘”

  6. i have a strong smell and i love the smell of Oregano. i always use it as a food additive;””

  7. Towel Rails says:

    Oregano herb can really spice up every food that you can cook, i love to add it on our foods ::`

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