ghostriders at sunset

August 10, 2007

wrongwayAfter work one day, I decided to do a bit of shopping at Lajpat Nagar market — one of the largest markets in Asia — and on my way back at gloaming, my cycle rickshaw walla (whom I chose over an auto rickshaw since it’s environmentally sounder) decided to go the wrong way up Ring Road — only the busiest thoroughfare in Delhi! That’s the view over the rickshaw walla’s shoulder as I held on tight with one hand, continually gasping in disbelief that we didn’t get hit, head on!
I don’t recommend it. It’s hair raising to have cars, buses, and scooters (and random pedestrians dashing across!) aim at you and only just barely miss!

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3 Responses to “ghostriders at sunset”

  1. In big cities it surely is a problem taking a ride on these cycle ricks…

    In smaller villages its alright at times.

    Would you believe till 2004 I could not sit on a cycle rickshaw because i felt guilty of making someone pull me? I even had a fight with my parents once ­čÖü

  2. chhavi says:

    agreed – especially about the guilt. I always overtip them — but a) you’re giving someone his livelihood and b) it’s better for the environment so I try to take these when possible…

  3. Vincent says:

    pretty glad you survived going the wrong way on this busy road! I clearly recognize the journalist in you: would another normal person
    take a picture at that time? };-))

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