mill sighting

September 26, 2008

cotton loomOnce upon a time, when Mumbai was a leading exporter of cotton to the Western world, there were many textile mills in the small port city. Then there was a plague, and then there was a strike. A long, long strike. Today, most of the defunct mills either stand derelict or, after a 2006 Government ruling on the disputed land, poised to become the next big mall. The Blue Frog is in a mill compound in an in-between-stage. Several shed-like structures now house advertising agencies, production houses, plus this state of the art venue. Imagine my surprise when I peered into a smallish building next to the club, one night after a show, and saw looms! And this same building is rumoured to be new location of Zenzi! hmmmm….


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  1. Gopal Sea says:

    How, simply, do you manage? The links, the photos and the stories. I wish i was in mumbai with you everytime i read your newest post. Got a phone number. 🙂 no need really. Your posts are divine enough. So be my mumbai god for the time being. Through the posts. Sooner or later we will meet. Destiny is around the next corner.

  2. Gopal Sea says:

    God should be a capital G really. 🙂

  3. Pallavi says:

    Hmmm.. good old days are just vanishing.. before you know it, we will have no history to reflect back.. unless its in paper..

  4. Manasa says:

    good capture 🙂

  5. mumbaikar says:

    Did you know the connection between the US Civil war and Mumbai’s cotton exports? Fascinating how global the economy was even then.

  6. Waffeleisen says:

    Thanks for the infos! Your post truly assisted me.

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