whom i rode home with

April 21, 2008

auto barbieThis is a Delhi photo – of course! I was nearly home when I looked to my left and to my right and found myself eye-to-eye with not one, but two Barbies. Most rickshaws have posters up of Bollywood stars. This was a first for me. In Mumbai though, last Thursday I was in a cab that the driver (also the owner) had furnished with a plush red and black, umm, carpet. It was on the seats, the ceiling, the flooring, and the dashboard. Then I noticed it was even on the inside panels of the doors. On further inspection and inquiry, I found out it really was the same furry fabric, only he’d had it laminated! How ingenious, no?

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3 Responses to “whom i rode home with”

  1. come come barbie lets go party… 😛

  2. smriti isaac says:

    Is that a bindi I see on the barbies?! Classic indianness superimposed on classic americana. 🙂

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