you know you’ve arrived when …

August 31, 2007

… you’re on a bus 😉
That would be the poster of Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag on the back of a BEST bus featuring my baby brother who’s all grown up and … arrived. There are other buses tooling along with the poster along the side as well, but this is all I could capture while in motion on the roads of Mumbai.
So, since Monday, we’ve had hoopla (and no time for blog) galore. We saw the preview screening on Monday, and on Thursday we went for the red-carpet premiere. I behaved myself and acted the star-sister rather than the glamor-struck fan or the journalist 😉 And I got out of the way of the paparazzi that was solely interested in the bro … and how 😀 First day first show screening is tonight for all our friends. Critics’ assessments come tomorrow…

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  1. Gopal Sea says:

    One reason why I can’t mention that I rule the blog comment underworld at Chhavi Sachdev’s blog to my cousin is because he watches tarkovsyky, kurosawa and the rest and will kill me if i said I have written anything on the blog of the sister of the guy who starred in RGV ki AAG. But me n RGV do have strange connections. Not only does he share my first name as part of his name but RGV’s firm Factory (i think) also matches with the name I have thought of for my political party. Hope Factory Political Party. Inspired from a Jamaican documentary called Factory of Hope on the Jamaican Football Teams’ run in the 1994 World Cup. Irony n satire filled in the Kerala context as factories, new and old have perpetually avoided Kerala due to it’s love-hate relationships to the incessant hartals in the state.

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