I’ve been freelancing since college and I continue to write outside of my audio work with Sonologue and my content consultancy with The Content Arc


Popular Science Magazine, India

From 2013 to 2015, I wrote a monthly roundup column called Briefs from around the World that featured science news – mostly, I confess, to do with animals, space, mental health, and quirky stuff like malaria vectors being attracted to the odor of smelly feet (there, see, it’s an animal story, after all.) @PopSciMag doesn’t publish online but I put up some of my pieces on medium.com with permission.

The Podcasting Couch in the Sunday Mid-Day

Ages ago, I wrote a column called The Podcasting Couch for a major portion of 2009.

I am the consulting editor at a nutrition and clean living web site that’s just launched out of Singapore.

I was also engaged as content head for a members-only web site and newsletter to curate unique experiences and products for high net-worth individuals.

For healthy living site Fitternity.com I did a stint as the interim editor of content while they looked to fill that role full time. I also http://www.fitternity.com/author/chhavi-sachdev wrote a bit for them, mostly of the “Are you lactose intolerant?” and “Where to find decaf coffee in Mumbai” ilk.

I also ghost-edited a bunch of travel guides for Conde Nast Traveller, India.

And I ghost wrote a couple dozen articles for a travel site that I can’t name. I did get paid for it, though.

I also do various social media work and used to be a consultant at blogworks and have worked with clients like Fastrack, Chimes Group, Chilli Seassons and growX briefly, but mostly I stick to radio now and do limited social media marketing. Since then, I have (with the Content Arc) worked with P&G, Kapadia Associaties, Fingertips Recruitment, tech companies, hospitality companies, and travel agencies and forums.


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