I make podcasts and programmes for radio – I produce them, I voice them, I conceptualize some of them, and I execute most of them myself – including field reporting and scripting. I don’t love engineering, but I do some of that, too. I work with individuals, not-for-profits, and corporates to develop and produce podcast series as well, I train, coach and consult in the podcasting space. More of that is on my work site.

I think most of what is on private FM stations across India is drivel.

I, therefore, teach workshops on podcast programming and production, which I think could be the answer for the discerning listener. I freelance as a reporter for several outstanding international radio programs and podcasts, such as PRI’s The World; BBC’s podcasts Health Check, CrowdScience, World Hacks, and Outlook; Deutsche Welle’s Living Planet, World Link, and World in Progress. I have fixed for NPR’s ATC, Rough Translation, and Goats & Soda, as well as Gimlet Media, CBC, Made in Manchester and others.

Radio stories

Hightlights including cohosting an episode of BBC’s World Hacks on the X Prize for Women’s Safety and hosting an episode of CrowdScience.

Podcasts – Sonologue

Sonologue produces podcasts and consults on production for anyone who wants help with the medium. As an independent radio producer, I work on two ongoing podcasts:
Love, Sex, Dating ‘cast India’s only dedicated (and first) weekly show that takes on
agony-aunt (or bhaiya-didi) type questions, in English. The siblings Prem & Rogue host.
Tall Tales TakeawayIndia’s only non-fiction story telling podcast – true stories told by the people who experienced them, curated and hosted by Michael Burns of Tall Tales. Season 1 is over, Season 2 starts soon.

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