November 29, 2013   Comments (1)

This is the welcome mat outside a friend’s house. The irony is that the wife bought it. Consider yourself warned.

(p.s. Rohini, this one’s for you! Congratulations and all good wishes to you both.)


The Indian ‘caution: hot’

July 8, 2013   Comments (1)

Made me laugh. But then, I’m easily amused.



March 13, 2013   Comments (1)

this made me giggle, especially since I’ve been so closely involved with the Mughals at work. Taken at the Good Earth’s cafe, The Tasting Room, in Mumbai



February 4, 2013   Comments (1)

Tardeo, Mumbai. What can I even say, except I’m sure I’m not the only one quivering in anticipation…



January 25, 2013   Comments (4)

How very literal :) Spaniards-Bharatiya bhai bhai :D (the Al Hambra, Granada)


is it a fish?

January 3, 2013   Comments (1)

Is it an airplane? Is it an office building?

This eyesore sits en route from Hyderabad airport to the city centre. We were gasping at it both on arrival and departure. Would you want to work here?



May 21, 2012   Comments (1)

These menus will be the deth of me. Bite all kinds of things ;) But chocolate is on the top of my list.



May 7, 2012   Comments (1)

psychicAlso from Rishikesh, this machine purports to read your mind, calibrate your thoughts (see the odometers?) and then broadcast your past, present and future through the headphones :D I loved it. For 20 bucks, I was told that the things I was worried about would resolve themselves, my health would improve and I’d become rich. :D Paisa wasooli :)

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chasy cat

January 28, 2012   Comments (0)

bindicoots watch out If you are a bindicoot, I do think you should watch for this. It sounds totally dangerous.
What I found as funny as the name of the product is that “Chasy Cat” has this lovely tear-off dispenser but the grocer has stocked it with the ‘Laxman Rekha’ cockroach repellent.
Which reminds me of the BEST ever sign for “krezy rat maar” painted on the Mahim causeway wall. The tagline, in Hindi, read “choohon ka encounter kar de“.



May 9, 2011   Comments (6)

sale and buyThis one’s from Fort, Mumbai. (The area formerly known as the Kala Killa, I believe). The same fort had four gates and Churchgate is a hangover from that. Today, Fort is teeming with small shops selling electronics, dildos (yes!), “watche’s” (which must be the code name for the Isprit, ESPRET, SPRIT, Ralex and other fine variations I see there) and more for buy and sale ;)

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